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1930's Radio Play

Year 2015-2022

The beloved school touring Radio Show of a classic Shakespearian drama is suitable for primary 3- 6 and secondary 1 - 3 students and has been on the road since 2015, toured over 100 schools. From 2018 till 2022, 1930's Radio Play was funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, under Jockey Club "Destiny In Ourselves" Youth Drama Programme and Jockey Club "All The World's Our Stage" Shakespeare Youth Drama Programme. This highly interactive and entertaining programme is an introduction to William Shakespeare’s work through the guise of 6 very flawed voice actors on the set a live broadcasting radio studio in 1935, London. The audience becomes the live studio audience where they have an opportunity to step in to take up minor roles, make sound effects and interact with the actors. The story line is loosely based on Shakespeare’s play plus the antics of the actors, giving the young audience an understanding of the themes and characters of the play as well as a quality English drama performance. Because the voice actors and the producer of the studio have made so many changes, Shakespeare’s ghost has risen from the grave and has transported himself to be a regular feature in the show disguising himself as the ‘Bat Bard’ and even bringing an iPhone back from the future.

The Radio Show is a sure way to making Shakespeare’s work accessible and enjoyable as well as bridging the gap between the past and present.

The school programme also includes a pre- show interactive and experiential workshop for the students.  This allows them to meet the actors as well as to learn about Shakespeare and the history or radio, how to make sound effects, try on costumes, use props, and learn some vocal techniques.

A detailed study guide also compliments the programme along with a professional development teachers workshop conducted by the S4A Artistic Director, for teachers.

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