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Management Team


Mr. Calvin Hui

Honorary Advisor


Ms. Eunice Chan

General Manager

IMG_0066_2 5.JPG

Mr. Nicholas Beckwith

Artistic Director


Honorary Advisor - Mr. Calvin Hui

General Manager - Ms. Eunice Chan

Artistic Director - Mr. Nicholas Beckwith

Deputy General Manager - Ms. Cherie Cheung Armitage

Accounting Manager - Ms Angela Chan

Project Manager - Ms. Heidi Ting, Ms. Sharon Cheung

Head Tutor - Ms. Davina Lee Cooke

Head Of Digital Visual Design - Ms. Camilla Warburton

Project Officers - Mr. Paco Yeu, Ms. Mandy Tong
Social Media Administrator - Mr. Stefan Luk

Studio Class Assistant - Ms. Ruby Ng, Ms. Sophie Tang

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