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Mark Peaker

  • Co-founder and CEO, 3812 Art Enterprise, Hong Kong

  • Co-founder and CEO, 3812 Gallery, Hong Kong and London

  • Chairman, Shakespeare4All

  • Advisor to the Board, MIND HK

  • Development Committee Member, Royal Drawing School, UK

  • Patron, Future Talent, UK

  • Founding member of SKETCH HONG KONG

  • Former vice-chairman (Funding Committee), Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children 

  • Member, Food & Wine Committee, The Hong Kong Club (2015 - 2022)

I wonder why Shakespeare remains popular. He died over four hundred years ago and lived in a world so far removed from today that should he be alive he wouldn't recognise it. But wait, I am mistaken, in fact I am wrong. The reason that Shakespeare remains so popular is because he wrote for humanity, for love, for tragedy and for comedy. Shakespeare was not of an age, but for all time!


As Chairman of Shakespeare4All I continue to be humbled by the devotion and determination of the young actors. I am proud that Shakespeare4All has been able to carry on strengthening our experiential learning outreach into the community and committed to bringing excellence. 


May I take this opportunity to thank all the staff, teachers, volunteers but most importantly, the students and their families for allowing us into your lives to share our journey.

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