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S4A is one of Hong Kong's leading performance arts learning organisations. It is a registered charity founded in 2003 with the purpose of building fluency and confidence in English through drama performing Shakespearean plays. It is recognised throughout Hong Kong for its spectacular annual Shakespeare Gala event, supported by founding sponsor SWIRE Properties and has provided drama experiences to thousands of students from aided, direct subsidy, government and private schools in the region.

It is our mission to inspire young people to aspire to excellence:

INSPIRE: Offering a learning environment that is creative, original and structured

ASPIRE: A demanding but imaginative framework that involves new thinking and disciplines

EXCELLENCE: Drawing out the potential in students to be the best they can be

A word from Mr. Hugh Bonneville

Spending an hour exploring a play with young students for whom English is a second language was going to be tough. When the play is by a writer who died 400 years ago… well, that was going to be impossible. Surely. How wrong I was.

The energy, commitment and open minds with which the children from The Cotton Spinners School approached Shakespeare’s Macbeth that afternoon brought the play alive for me as never before.


What Shakespeare4All is achieving in Hong Kong shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s giving young people the confidence to stand up in front of and with their peers, collaborating in the common purpose of making theatre, helping them to unlock their imaginations and to conquer challenges of language and communication they might otherwise have considered beyond their reach.

It’s an invaluable initiative and I was delighted to spend some time with the students and mentors alike."

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On the 26th of November, 2015,

Mr. Bonneville came to Hong Kong to run a masterclass with 30 students from Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School, in collaboration with S4A.

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