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Laundry Steps,
Tai Kwun Central



Register Now to Book your seats!
You may register for more
than 1 session to enjoy ALL THE BATTLES!


Session 1: 2:20pm (Monologue 8-10 years old & Duologue)
Session 2: 4:15pm (Monologue 11-14 years old and Ensemble)
Session 3: 5:55pm (Monnologue 15-18 years old & Prize Ceremony)

  • Is this a ticketed event?
    This is a free community event with tickets open for registration. You can register for your free tickets here.
  • Do audience members have to buy a ticket?
    You will need to register and will be sent an e-ticket that is free-of-charge. Finalists' friends and family who wish to watch the performance are considered audience members and will need to register for a ticket.
  • Do the Finalists need a ticket?
    Finalists do not need a ticket to reserve their seat. They will have an allocated seating area as being part of the event.
  • When are tickets open for registration?
    Tickets are open for registration NOW! Register here.
  • How does the registration work? What are the sessions of The Battle?
    There are 3 sessions of the event : Session 1 : 2:20pm (Monologue 8-10 years old & Duologue) , Session 2 : 4:15om (Monologue 11-14 years old and Ensemble) Session 3 : 5:55pm (Monnologue 15-18 years old & Prize Ceremony) Each registration is only valid for the designated session. If you’d like to stay for another session, you need to make another registration for it. I.e., if you would like to stay for all the battles and the Prize Ceremony, you will need to register for all the sessions. On the ticketing platform, options have been enabled to allow audience to make multiple registrations.
  • Can I choose my seat?
    Battle of the Bards Final Contest is a free-seating event. You will not be able to choose your seat on the ticketing platform. However, the earlier you arrive, the more likely you are able to choose the seat(s) of your preference in order to enjoy the performance with a better view !
  • Where shall I go once I arrive at Tai Kwun with my e-ticket?
    Tai Kwun's Laundry Steps is located right next to the Prison Yard. A registration table will be set at the top of Laundry Steps. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the session. Present your e-ticket to our front-of-house staff who will then scan it and admit you to our spectacular Battle. Take a seat and you will then be ready to enjoy it !
  • Do I get to re-enter if I leave during the session I register for?
    Re-entry allow at anytime during the session with valid QR code. If you wish to leave and re-enter to join the performance, just show your e-ticket at our registration table and we will let you in. Although we kindly recommend you to leave in between performances to minimise disturbance of performers and other audience members.
  • Is there any break during the session(s)?
    There will be a 30-minute break between the sessions for you to refresh yourself after the enjoyment of our intense contest !

Are you a Finalist looking for help or got questions? Contact our team at We will be happy to answer them and assist you for the best experience you will have at The Battle of the Bards !

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