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Walkie Talkie

Year 2018, 2019

From the beautiful to the bizarre, this show features a powerful and charismatic cast of internationally renowned performers – clowns, bell routines, slapstick, comical routines, masked characters, musical chairs and more!


Australian director Clint Bolster teams up with Artistic Director Shiona Carson from Shakespeare4All in an interactive performance that demonstrates the essential conventions of traditional Italian commedia dated as far back as the 16th century as well as comic and mask performance. Exploring the ways these comic traditions continue to engage audiences, the actors skillfully improvise and interact throughout. The performance is comprised of separate yet interlinked routines that explore different characters and situations throughout the history of the theatre – looking at both the everyday and the absurd. The scenes build to a great celebration of life! It promises to be exhilarating and mesmerizing for audiences of all ages.


Clint Bolster began his stage career in Queensland, Australia, where he was born and raised, but his reputation for extraordinary talent in relishing and inspiring audience across Australia and overseas for the past 15 years brought him the highest acclaim. Specializing in Commedia Dell’Arte, traditional and contemporary clowning, mask, physical comedy, non-verbal communication and mime, slapstick and stage combat, absurdism and physical theatre and circus, his vision is to share the human beauty, humour and power of these theatrical styles with everyone, but especially young people.

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