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Get a chance to perform in the finals on

11th & 12th May 2024 at Tai Kwun, Central

Submit your application by 29th March 2024


Battle of the Bards 2024

Want to test your skills in treading the boards? Be bold. Be Brave. Be the Bard!

This competition allows anyone aged between 8 and 18 to try and perform the work of William Shakespeare - the greatest playwright and poet.

About Battle of the Bards 2024: 

  • A dramatic performance competition that requires the performer/performers to be YOUR own director to bring alive some of the most significant theatre pieces ever written by the Bard himself, William Shakespeare.

This is about YOUR interpretation and how YOU believe the script should be performed. Battle out against OR with your buddies and show Hong Kong how much talent you have.

If you love performing and believe you have talent, this is your opportunity

to make yourself heard. 


Why Battle of the Bards

S4A-Battle of The Bard-170.jpg

​We encourage you to focus on the acting and storytelling

  • There are NO costumes allowed, ONLY theatre blacks

  • 1 prop and 1 chair limit for Monologues and Duologues

  • 3 props and 3 chairs limit for Ensemble performances


Let's get creative and start rehearsing! 

Finalists will have the opportunity to perform before a panel of professional judges from the field of performance and literature.  

  • Date of final performance: 11th & 12th May at Tai Kwun, Central


S4A-Battle of The Bard-91.jpg
S4A-Battle of The Bard-402.jpg


Performers: 1

Time Limit: 5 mins


Performers: 2

Time Limit: 5 to 10 mins

S4A-Battle of The Bard-713.jpg

Performers: 3 - 10

Time Limit: 8 - 10 mins



Application Procedures

1. Complete the application form and submit the application fee by 29th March 2024
2. Receive a Limited Edition Contestant Pack
3. Submit the Audition Video in .MP4 or .MOV format to S4A via email by 5th April 2024 
* Audition script is provided by S4A.

** Applications need to be submitted first, followed by Audition Video submission. Only applications with video submission will be considered.
4. Announcement of Finalists: 8th April 2024
5. Finalists will be Invited to perform in the Finals on the 11th & 12th of May 2024

S4A-Battle of The Bard-232_edited.jpg

Apply by 29th March 
(Our team will share the next steps with you via email)

Apply Now
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